Montrose Farewell

Today is my last official day of living with Grandad in Montrose. I am feeling reflective.

Grandad is doing well. He has put on the beef and can now mainly take care of himself, which was the main aim of my time here, along with some time out to look after myself, after a very hard few years.

Although I have faced challenges being 500 miles away from my friends, boyfriend and all things I know, I wouldn’t exchange this precious time I have had with him for anything I have given up, missed or lost in London.

‘All things that are meant to be will come right in the end’.

That is what Grandad says.

I have been able to enjoy being by the sea again and take in in the fresh air and breathe. Learn some things about myself, who I want to be and who I don’t want to be. I am returning home with a fresh set of ambition and ideals about the life I want and how I want to go about achieving that. Still a long way to go!

I have spent time making crafty things and writing letters to friends. I have been able to go out on long walks and jogs with Betty, my Greyhound, just for the sake of it!

I have watched loads of films and tv shows and read lots of books! I have become a Skype and social media whizzkid!

I have played records with Grandad and had a Domino tournament (which he won). We have laughed and cried together and we have sung and played together.  We have eaten Cake, ‘Stovies’ & ‘Slicey’ til it’s coming out our ears…I even painted the shed! I have done so many nice things here there is far too much to list! I have taken over 1000 photo’s so I will be able to remember all that I did.

One of the best bits of the time I have had here is being able to immerse myself in my music again, and letting my voice have a good rest from the hustle & bustle,late nights and pollution of the city. I have played my guitar loads and I have written so many words I can’t think of the melodies to put them alongside! All the long train journeys have given way to a note book full or lyrics waiting to find song…I feel creative and inspired in a way I never have and I am raring to go!

So what next? Who knows, but for once…I am not so scared and I feel excited to find out what is round the corner for me!

Few more weeks of some hard work to make everything into a good place for me to come ‘home’, wherever that is going to be!

02 Granny’s House

Below are some nice snaps from my time here…

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