Village Kids Video (Contains Spoilers!)

I met Joseph Eckworth whilst volunteering at the East End Film Festival in 2011. He told me about what he did and I told him about what I did. He was a film student at LCC and I was doing what I am doing now, making music and singing songs.

We decided it might be nice to try and make a video for one of my songs. I let him choose and he decided on ‘Village Kids’.

He works with Will Powers who was a fellow film student. Supposedly, Will is the director, and Joe the cinematographer, but ultimately the video is simply a collaboration between two filmmakers. They set to work on this project late October and have been working hard since with very little input needed from me! They have got it pretty much spot on throughout and thankfully were happy for me NOT to star in the video!!

It is almost there and I could not be happier with what they have produced.
Here are a few stills from the video to wet your appetite!

Roll on the Wrap Party!

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